Meet Our Staff Members

Our Founder: 
Mr. Frankie Lee Perry
Mr. Darrell Perry
Funereal Director:
Mr. James E. Scott
General Manager:
Mr. W. Connie Brown

Service Attendant:  
Mr. Alphonso Cecil
Service Attendant:  
Mr. Tommie Boggs
Service Attendant:  
Mr. James Pharmes
Service Attendant:  
Mr. Ricky Bess
Service Attendant: 
Mr. David Thomas
Family Assistant:
Mrs. Deborah Perry-Brown
Family Assistant:  
Mrs. Donna Boggs
Family Assistant:
Mrs. Flora Brown

It is our purpose to give thoughtful service, and if in so doing we have helped to lighten your burden, our aim has been accomplished.
We sincerely hope that our service has been deserving of your confidence and trust.
Thank you for calling on us.

The Staff of Perry Brothers Funeral Home